Chad Ronshaugen




Chad entered the world of construction having interests that span many industries.  "Creating, building and woodworking have always been in my blood and are a passion of mine."  Chad graduated from college with Business Finance and MIT degrees.  He has worked in multiple fields but excelled and focused in the world of Information Technology.  Consulting and implementing new technology for SMB businesses helped kick start his entrepreneurial spirit.  Chad's expertise in Project Management, IT systems (software implementation, collaboration tools and accounting systems) is one of the drivers in the push to be technology leaders in the construction industry.  Chad's views on technology in the construction industry:

​"Advancements in technology have revolutionized the way that we do business in construction. Software programs now assist with most management functions in this long-standing industry. Software for estimating, scheduling, cost control, and project administration are tools that are necessary for business productivity. Projects can now be managed using web-based “project integration” or “project collaboration” programs that allow all members of the team to exchange information, access building plans and specifications, process change orders, and even view construction activities and progress via the web based portal. Building foundations and layouts are pinpointed using laser levels and GPS on a regular basis. Engineers and constructors now use 3D and 4D visual simulations of the building process and conduct constructability reviews before ground is broken at the job site. The construction environment is becoming more and more complicated and the need for innovation is paramount. Not only has technology changed the way that we manage projects, but building materials, construction methods, and the projects themselves have become more sophisticated. Buildings are becoming “smart.” Automated homes, offices, commercial buildings, and other facilities are using technology to control specific operations such as temperature, airflow, lighting levels, security, and access. Simply knowing how to swing a hammer or wield a power drill will not cut it anymore.  Anyone who perceives the construction industry to be all brawn and no brains certainly has not visited a job site lately."

Chad and his wife Heather live in Dell Rapids, SD with their three children Will (10), Lauren (8), and Owen (4).  The family enjoys many sports and outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and golf,  "Instilling a family first attitude, a strong work ethic, kindness, and a dedication to helping others represent our core values."

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